Empowering underprivileged women since 2009
Non Profit

'I Change Her Life' leverages its extensive non-profit network to empower disadvantaged women and girls. The organization has been working diligently to eliminate poverty, empower women socially and economically and create positive social change by conducting workshops focused on capacity building. The Memorandum Of Understanding with highly successful NGOs and Women Empowerment Societies such as National Integrated Development Association (NIDA) has enabled the company to extend the scope and nature of its work to even the most remote areas of the country thus, benefitting women living under restrictive and often oppressive conditions.

In rural areas, women and girls receive ongoing help from Community Development Officers on behalf of 'I Change Her Life' to create awareness regarding education and gender related issues.

i change her life

'I Change Her Life' uplifts underprivileged women living in the poorest of communities and empowers them to realize their possibilities by providing them with a chance to take pride in their accomplishments through meaningful avenues for growth and financial independence.