Empowering underprivileged women since 2009
From the founder:
'I Change Her Life' started by Ambreen Zaman (Riaz) from a small startup in a tribal village North West of Pakistan. Formerly a medical doctor, Dr. Zaman has become a social entrepreneur and advocate for women's rights in Turkey and Pakistan. Her organization is currently focusing on the rehabilitation of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and refugee women and girls.

When she started her organization 'I Change Her Life,' she initially invested a small budget of $4000. She hired and trained four never-before- employed women from the rural village of Chitral and set up a small workshop.

The organization has grown at exponential level and conducts operations related to women empowerment, integrated peace development, female education, capacity building, mobilization and skill-based training of women in some of the most remote communities. Ambreen has travelled extensively all over the world and has lived as an expatriate in many countries.


i change her life

'I Change Her Life' uplifts underprivileged women living in the poorest of communities and empowers them to realize their possibilities by providing them with a chance to take pride in their accomplishments through meaningful avenues for growth and financial independence.